Akira Miyō
Akira Mijyou
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Blood Type
Species Human, Alter User
Professional Status
Partner Kazuma & Hannish Lightning
Affiliation Native Alter User LAWLESS
Occupation Leader of LAWLESS
Personal Status
Home Country
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 11
Anime Debut
Video Game Debut

Akira Miyō is featured only in the manga, she is the leader of the Native Alter User corps LAWLESS, the arch nemesis of HOLY which supports chaos in the Lost Ground. Akira is a strong-willed woman with a curiously non-feminine appearance. She harbors feelings for fellow LAWLESS member Hannish Lightning and allies herself with Kazuma in his crusade against HOLY. Her Alter is the "Sound Staff", a large polearm-like weapon able to summon sonic-based attacks.


Sound Staff

Sound Staff

Concerto Attack

Akira describes her Sound Staff.

Sound Staff: A "familiar"-style "Alter" manifestation. Akira conjures a medium-length metal staff, with a flat disc-like surface embedded with spikes as its head. The disc functions as an amplifier, which manifest vibrations as "music" of supreme quality and tone. This particular music is generated by Akira appears to resonate with the human identity at a genetic scale, as it synchronizes with primal rhythms inscribed onto human DNA from their ancestors to generate various effects. The "Sound Staff" appears to also project its sounds in the form of classical music.


Concerto Attack

  • Concerto Attack: Akira unleashes an omnidirectional burst of music from her "Sound Staff", with the notes triggering a specific impulse on human bodies which paralyzes them in the process. Those with sufficiently high willpower can effectively fight against the paralysis.
Evolved Sound Staff

Evolved Sound Staff

Evolved Sound Staff: The first evolution of "Sound Staff" following Akira's experience of the "s-CRY-ed" word. Only a minimal boost of power is witnessed with this evolution compared to that of other "Alter" users due to unknown reasons: possibly related to the minimal change of physical appearance to the "Sound Staff" itself.

Symphonic Attack

Symphonic Attack

  • Symphonic Attack: Simply an augmented version of "Concerto Attack".
Last Symphony

Last Symphony

Last Symphony: The second evolution of "Sound Staff" following Akira's experience of the "s-CRY-ed" word. The transformation of Akira's "Sound Staff" is much more pronounced in this form, with an elaborate harp base installed onto the opposite end of the amplifying disc on the staff. Her previously seperate musical notes are now arranged in flowing staves that can surround the opponent quickly and effectively. However, Akira's body is not prepared for such forced evolution, and she is physically harms herself with "Last Symphony"'s activation.

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