Kazuma, with his Alter Power, 'Shell Bullet'.


"Alter power is defined as creating and arranging matter and energy through mental effort. The power to absorb any form of matter or energy, restructure it and build its own special form. The shape of the restructured form is dependent on the individual who creates it. An alter is independent, it is controlled by the alter user's mind." - Kiryu defining Alter power in episode 11.

"Decomposistion and reconstitution" - Ryuho describing alter power (episode 14)

The power can range from being an independent mecha, a specialized weapon, an augmented portion of the body or armor, the ability to augment a vehicle's performance, an elemental power like water, or an intangible power like telepathy. Through training or willpower, an Alter User's power can reach the highest point of shining light and armor, where their Alter and them become one.



  • According to Martin Zigmar, there are three main types of Alter power: Harmonic, Controlled and Independent. A Controlled Alter is a object or vehicle that is created by the Alter User. If the Alter User is rendered unconscious, then the Alter goes off-line. An Independent Alter is one that is capable of independent thought. It can still fight even if its user is unconscious and it can disobey a bad command. A Harmonic Alter is one that appears as a augmented body part of the Alter User. As an example, Biff's Hammer is Controlled, Ryuho's Zetsuei is Independent, and Kazuma's Shell Bullet is Harmonic. Martin Zigmar himself is the only known Alter User whose Alter is BOTH Independent AND Harmonic.