This article is about the episode, for the character of the same name see Kazuma

Kazuma is the first episode of the anime series, s-CRY-ed.


A Native Alter named Kazuma uses a plane to attack kidnappers and finish a job. Now the police organizations named Hold and Holy are after him, thinking he's a dangerous criminal just because he's a Native Alter. But, Kazuma proves that he’s not bad when he takes on a renegade group leader, Biff, and saves the Native Alters. Kazuma just seems to have a grudge against Holy.


A regular airplane is flying over the lost grounds. Inside is a girl name Mimori. Suddenly, a mysterious man named Kazuma jumps onto the wing of the plane. He lets the plane roughly glide down into an emergency landing spot. Throughout all this, Kazuma destroys a building and rescues an inner being held captive.

Next, we are introduced to Kanami, a girl whom Kazuma lives with. Kanami constantly complains about money and the fact that Kazuma is so irresponsible. She thinks he's working an extra job and blowing the money elsewhere, but he's really being hired by Kimishima. Kimishima is Kazuma's long-time friend. Kimishima walks into the house and talks to Kazuma about a “job”, and offers him very little money for it.

Meanwhile, a cleanup crew is on the area that Kazuma destroyed earlier. Sherrice is there, and plays around with one of the police officers a bit, before she scampers away.

The scene switches back to Kimishima and Kazuma. They bid Mimori farewell and assure her that they will be back later. They head off to the “job”, an area in a local town where a renegade group lead by Biff or BigGun. He pushes some of the inners around, and is accidentally knocked out by Kazuma. Kazuma is surprised that this is "the huge problem," and knocks him around a bit after he brings out his mecha alter, NR Hammer. Kimishima and the beaten up towns folk escape during this chaos.

Holy shows up and intercepts the fight. Ryuhou, a member of Holy, takes out his alter, Zetsui, and beats up Kazuma pretty badly. Sherrice, the Dozens, and Ryuhou capture Kazuma and drag him off to the Holy base, wounded and embarrassed.


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