Rules for editing the pages on this wiki

(Note: This wiki is about Anime information, if anything differs from the manga, put it in the Trivia section)


The order of information in articles


Character Box

A one line description of character's role in the story.

Appearance: Detailed description of character's features and dress style

Personality: Character's personality

History: Character's past, before the main storyline

Synopsis: A description of the events the character goes though in the main storyline

Abilities: Alter and any other skills the character possesses

Alter comes first in the section, under a third heading

Trivia: Any additional information goes in this field


Paragraphs consists of a few sentences (2-5) about one topic, not a mess of different subjects compiled into a section. Also, they must be separated via a double space, not the <(br)> format.

Obscene/Inappropriate InformationEdit

  • No profanity or your account will be blocked for 6 months
  • No uploading nude/exposing pictures or putting them in character articles or you will be blocked for one year

Break either rule twice and you will be blocked permanently

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