Biographical Information
Gender Male
Blood Type
Species Human, Alter User
Professional Status
Affiliation HOLY
Personal Status
Home Country
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 2
Video Game Debut

Urizane is a member of HOLY.


Urizane is a member of HOLY, to which is is very loyal to. Urizane is very protective of his watermelons, scolding anyone who touches or tries to destroy them.


A highly eccentric lover of watermelons to such a degree that they even take the form of his Alter. Constantly seen with numerous watermelons at any given moment, he will fiercely snap back if anyone so much as tries to touch one of them, even if he previously offered. His Alter power is never named, but he can morph melons into literally anything from explosives, shields, platforms, or even teleportation devices. While initially given the air of a gluttonous cretin, he is, in fact, one of the noblest HOLY members in the series. He plays a pivotal role in the final battle against Kyoji Mujo by disabling his entire system with a tremendous Alter watermelon punch. At the very end, with HOLY disbanded, he joins Elian to cultivate a watermelon farm. During the final episode, they both broadcast Kazuma and Ryuho's battle to the entire Lost Ground.

The biggest departure from the anime, Urizane of the manga is a cold and utterly ruthless villain under HOLY command. He murders Straight Cougar before battling both Kazuma and Ryuho in a duel-sided battle to the death, ending with his defeat, to which he promptly committed suicide thereafter. His Alter is largely the same, though he also has the power to cultivate "Watermelon-men", which he uses to keep Mimori at bay while he battles both Kazuma and Ryuho.


Urizane Watermelon Fist

Urizane's pose when he's about to use his alter.

  • Watermelon Barrier
  • Watermelon Fist
  • Urizane Peel
  • Urizane Seed
  • Super Urizane Seed Cannon
  • Super Urizane Seed
  • Urizane Watermelon Men
  • Urizane Vines(Source)
  • Urizane Vines(Target)

His Alter is never named, but he has the power to manipulate watermelons and use them as bombs, protective barriers, platforms and teleportation devices(By stepping inside a giant watermelon, having it shrink to nothing, then having it grow anew in a different location, with him still inside it.). He can make them grow huge until they crush an opponent, turn an entire building into a watermelon for a second (thus destroying it when it turns back, somehow).

In the manga, they can be used in much more unique ways, such as making 'Watermelon-Men', various weapons, etc.

This makes Urizane's alter perhaps one the most versatile in the entire series.

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